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The only reason for happiness to limit storytelling is if you allow it to. Lois and Clark are partners in every sense of the word. That isn’t to say their relationship will be entirely conflict free, but that will largely come from external forces. Think of Clark and Lois as more Batman and Robin. No one would ever say they can’t get along or work together in order to keep story from being limited. Except Clark and Lois get to kiss and stuff.
She isn’t naive in the least — no freaking out about ice cream or technology. She’s from a world steeped in legit Olympian magicks, larger than life creatures, etc. An iPhone isn’t going to send her running for the hills. And besides, to think that an elevated society like the Amazons doesn’t have sweets and delicious confections is just silly-talk.





Well, jeez, if THOSE experts say it… Actually, you are wrong. When this first came up, the story, the ‘myth’, was that Bryan was forced to use Barbara. Bryan told me that wasn’t the case…he could have used Cass or Helena, he chose Barbara. And I am baffled about the defending dc thing, my sympathies here lie with Bryan, who has to rewrite, and with the readers, who are justifiably disappointed. Bryan choosing Barbara doesn’t make the story any less disappointing for Steph fans.

Gail I’ll be honest I’m shocked he could have chosen Cass, given that the response to when will Cass come back is pretty much the same answer to when will we see Steph back.

In any case if what you say is true, then that contradicts what Dan said in San Diego

From Comic Book Resources

“That is true, and there’s a reason for it,” DiDio said in response to the fan’s question, noting that he supported the change from the original plan, as it falls in line with the Smallville practice of bringing the iconic versions of DC heroes into that television world. “If we’re going to introduce a character into the ‘Smallville’ world, I want them to be the most iconic versions like Barbara Gordon or Dick Grayson, and maybe down the road we can do more.”

That doesn’t fit with what Bryan is saying. 

Understood…I misread the letter because I was ON A BOAT. he said possibly Katana, not Cass. Sorry, same thing applies tough, they would have to do some redrawing, I imagine.

That makes sense given Katana’s in Beware the Batman.  So Bryan was probably given a choice of characters that currently exist in the DCU.

I really hope you aren’t taking any of the frustration we have personally.  I have nothing but the highest respect for you and your work.

No, it’s okay, I understand people are disappointed. But I feel I interjected myself here where I don’t really belong, I don’t know all the details at all. My intentions were good, I wanted to propose that boycotting Barbara appearances, especially in Smallville, would be a shame…the last thing I would want to do is make things more complicated for all the people involved. It’s just a book I really like done by some very good friends and I want it to succeed, that’s all. My sincere apologies if that caused anyone any grief, it was totally just my opinion, nothing else. I like everyone involved in this project including editorial, I hope people will give it a try if they are fans of Smallville, BQM, DC, Superman, Cat Staggs, or just good comics.


G2Factor had the honor of talking with Bryan Q Miller about the digital-first Smallville Season 11 comic (as well as print), Smallville the 10 year television series, Batgirl and doughnuts.  

This is also available on iTunes.

Bryan comes in at about the 70 minute mark and spoke with us for 2 HOURS!  

If you haven’t purchased Smallville Season 11 digital #4, do so now.  The icon is the face of Lex Luthor. (Rosenbaum)

IMPORTANT:  Smallville Season 11 digital 5 released Friday, 25th!



SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! G2Factor is proud to present Bryan Q. Miller, author of the Smallville Season 11 digital & print comics as well as Stephanie Brown Batgirl comic books. The former Smallville television series writer and story…


You may have noticed that, unlike the past three Fridays, there wasn’t another installment of Bryan Q. Miller’s Smallville: Season 11 available for download today. This probably came as a bit of a surprise, but have no fear. There is more Season 11 on the way (read more about the release schedule at OSCK here).

Miller shared on his Twitter that the next digital issue will be released on Friday, May 18. He also mentioned that these upcoming issues will delve deeper into the ship that was recently discovered heading to Earth and what is up with the hauntingly mysterious Tess Mercer. Plus, last week he tweeted that we’ll be seeing Lois Lane in her element at The Daily Planet in the next issue.

So, lots to look forward to. We just need to be patient. In the meantime, if you haven’t bought any of the $.99 US digital issues yet or haven’t ordered or picked up a $3.99 US hard copy of the comic which contains the first three installments, please do (here’s how). And don’t forget the contest dcwomenkickingass is holding for people to receive autographed copies of the first print issue if they send in a picture of themselves with their purchased hard copy. 




It’s time for another digital edition of Smallville Season 11 and having just read it I can tell you if you are a Lois fan pick it up as she both reportery and flirtery.

Also cliffhanger!!!!!

Unfortunately there is…

For DC to give Smallville, Season 11 any kind of props they would have to a) admit that Smallville mattered BEYOND keeping Superman in the public consciousness for 10 years, b) admit that making Superman angry and isolated, killing his parents, and decimating his marriage to Lois Lane was not necessary to start selling books, and c) acknowledge that 18-34 white males is not the only demographic that reads comics.  But that won’t happen.

One Big Awesome reason to read Bryan Q. Miller’s Smallville




So last night I tweeted DC Comics with “Also hey @DcComics female archers are back in style! How about bringing back Mia Dearden?”

And the awesome @airawyn tweeted to me and said: “She’s in the Smallville verse! Maybe @bryanqmiller will bring her into his book!”

And @bryanqmiller tweeted us both and said: “outlook likely”


So Go get this book!!!!!! (And I apologize for no screencaps!)


A week ago, Smallville: Season 11 debuted with its first digital installment. Thanks to the creativity and hard work of writer, Bryan Q. Miller, and artists, Pere Perez and Cat Staggs, the comic quickly became a #1 bestseller for comiXology and it remains one of the top selling digital comics for the online distributor.

For anyone who hasn’t yet purchased a copy of the comic or who needs some tips on how to buy the upcoming second issue, Bryan Q. Miller explains:

If you have a tablet device or smartphone, you’ll need to download the free DC Comics (iTunes / Android) or Comixology apps (iTunes / Android). If you’re new to these apps, the DC app (quite naturally), gives you access to select DC comics past and present for a per issue fee. The Comixology app is more of a catch-all, multi-publisher hub (DC, Marvel, Image, etc.), where you’ll be able to purchase installments of Season 11, as well as MANY other things.

If you don’t have a tablet or smartphone, fear not! You can still read the Smallville comic online by visiting and opening an account (again, free to sign up, followed by a per issue purchase fee). You will have to enter credit card information at some point, much as you would have to for iTunes. This goes for the app, as well — it will not auto-purchase each week’s issue for you. You will have to stop by the site/open the app every Friday and make the purchase.

You can do the same at

The second issue, Smallville: Season 11 #2, is on sale today. Writer, Bryan Q. Miller, has already spoiled that this issue would include domestic scenes featuring Clark and Lois. We’ll likely see the couple catching up and discussing what to do with their wedding presents while brushing their teeth. So be sure to download a copy to read more of Lois and Clark’s love story!

If you don’t have a credit or debit card (which someone pointed out to me the other day), you can probably use one of those Visa gift or prepaid cards that can be purchased from Walmart/Target/Walgreens/CVS/grocery stores.  Ooh and then that way you will already have your Season 11 budget planned out, so double yay!


THE DANGEROUS LADIES: Today Smallville Season 11 #1 comes out and here’s why you need to buy it



Today the first digital copy of Smallville Season 11 goes on sale.

Do me a favor - buy this.

It’s $.99 and you have…

I cannot reiterate enough how dead-on-balls accurate these comments are.  Superman is about Hope and Smallville, over the course of the series and especially in the last three seasons, proved that over and over again.  It proved that strength is not limited to the physical, it proved that women have a voice in this genre, it proved that RELATIONSHIPS are key to a person’s well being, and it proved that heroes can love and it makes them stronger.

And it proved that a smiling hero will make you jump and flail with tears in your eyes and hope in your heart.

Smallville’s Clark Kent was how you make a hero “relatable” and “human”.  He got angry, he had a temper, he made mistakes, and he loved with all of his huge heart.  He was far from perfect, but all of his flaws and the way he recognized those and still strived to become the type of hero that Earth needed only made him moreso the perfect hero.   He wasn’t “the first”, but damn it he was “the best” of them all.

Seriously, this book is pre-reboot/pre-WONK, the era of Greg Rucka/Gail Simone/Jeph Loeb/Joe Kelly quality.